Why join Worthing Law Society?
By joining the Society you will become part of a collective group of people who will:

  • Provide representation on the issues important to the legal community;
  • Engage on consultation papers which are relevant to members;
  • Provide relevant training through Russell Green Lectures, which is based upon its members' demands;
  • Arrange social networking occasions; and
  • Offer support to members on practice issues, and provide a comprehensive network of colleagues.

Learning & Development
Who was Russell Green? His father took over the practice of F.C .Gates in Worthing 100 years ago. He then took on his son Russell as a partner and they traded in Worthing for many years. He was passionate about the law and a very kind caring man. Russell was married but had no children and in his will he left Worthing Law Society a sum of money to be used solely for the educational purposes of its members.

Hence Russell Green lectures. We as a Society continue to name the lectures after him and in honour of his memory.