We have compiled a list of charities and organisations that offer guidance and advice to lawyers in difficult circumstances.



LawCare provide support and information for anyone in the legal community who is feeling the pressure of work or study, experiencing relationship or financial problems, coping with illness, dependency, bereavement, anxiety or depression.

They also work to raise awareness, promote understanding and to improve the culture and practice of law.

LawCare offer one-to-one peer support as well as information, resources and factsheets.

CILEx Benevolent Fund (The Fund)

The Fund offer help to (current or former) members of CILEx (who have been a member for a minimum of one year) or their dependants.

Their vision is to provide access to relevant guidance, information and support to CILEx members in England and Wales who find themselves in unavoidable financial hardship.

The Fund can provide a range of assistance, for example, providing financial help to cover unexpected or unusual bills or the purchase of something to help ease a disability. They have also provide guidance on state benefits and other resources available who need financial advice such as debt consolidation.

The Solicitors' Assistance Scheme (SAS)

The SAS offer free confidential help and advice for all solicitors in England and Wales, their families and employees on any problem troubling them, whether personal or professional.

The scheme offers a minimum of one hour of pro bono advice and assistance.

The SAS can provide guidance on number of areas including:
  • regulatory
  • disciplinary
  • partnership
  • employment
  • fraud and crime
  • interventions
  • voluntary closures or disposals of practice
  • complaints and negligence
  • practice managment
  • anti-money laundering
  • insolvency

Solicitors’ Benevolent Association (SBA) also known as The Solicitors' Charity

The SBA provide support and advice to either (current or former) solicitors on the Roll for England and Wales or those financially dependent on a (current or former) solicitor (subject to limitations based on household income and assets).

They can help such individuals and families dealing with:
  • long-term health issues or short-term incapacity due to illness, accident or injury
  • work-relate issues, such as redundancy, stress, burn-out, anxiety and bullying
  • bereavement
  • issues managing personal debt
  • challenges coping in older age
  • domestic violence
  • family breakdown and seperation
  • addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling