Dear WLS Members and colleagues,

Thank you so much for the superb turn out at the annual WLS Quiz on Wednesday 19th September! Emma Chatwell’s egg heads at Green Wright’s retained the Cup and so congratulations to them! WMC Legal (some of) secured the wooden spoon, that being an equally notable accolade!

We were well fed and watered by the Dome, with this becoming our rather distinguished venue of choice for the social.

Despite my questions being trickier than Christine Nestor’s, possibly (sorry all and come back Christine), an enjoyable time was had and I thank you for making it such a fun night for Denise, Gavin and myself.

I am grateful to you all for your generosity in supporting this year’s Presidential charities, Silence of Suicide and Safe in Sussex. The raffle prizes and sales were brilliant and a £169 was raised on the night, thank you! This sum has been split equally between the two charities.

I presented a cheque to Linda Puttock, Finance Officer for Safe in Sussex on Monday 24th September. Linda asked me to pass on the sincere thanks of Safe, especially at such a crucial time, when West Sussex are likely to withdraw about £100k in funding, meaning the loss, sadly, of at least one of the refuges.

Silence of Suicide was founded by Michael Mansfield QC and his partner Yvette Greenway. A cheque is winging it’s way to Silence, care of Yvette and Yvette sent me this warm message to be shared with the WLS.

That is so amazingly kind of the WLS members to support SOS once again. Please do thank them on our behalf.

SOS has been incredibly busy, although much of our work is behind the scenes right now. We are currently supporting women in crisis who've been affected by the state pension age deferral and have two other major research projects about to begin. Given that it is still just myself and Michael, there is a vast amount of work to undertake.

We are speaking at the civil rights convention in Derry next month and the following month discussing our work with the British Dental Association in Northern Ireland.

We are very keen to present more of our meetings around the UK in 2019, for corporates and groups of individuals alike. If there are venues in your area who might loan us space for a couple of hours, together with a sponsor who might cover travel/refreshment costs, then please do let us know.

The donations we get from groups such as yourselves are invaluable and really do make a staggering difference - our appreciation is endless.
Yvette and Michael

Kind regards,

Jacqueline Mensah
WLS President